Who we are

We are a movement of ordinary citizens, engaged in the mission of achieving the long-dreamed of Electoral Transparency in Brazil. The collaborators of this mission, are composed of representatives of the Law (lawyers, attorneys, prosecutors and judges); from Computer Science, Journalism, Education, to other varied professional activities. All motivated for a single objective: to make sure that this and future Brazilian generations do not remain hostage to the system's obscurity, that they can vote with confidence, confidence and the certainty that the vote was not diverted by fraudsters, since today , in exclusively virtual voting machines, fraudsters can move invisibly and with impunity, without leaving any trace.

Dr. Modesto Carvalhosa - Lawyer

Lawyer, retired professor of law at USP. Author of several books, besides being known nationally for his strong performance in the anti-corruption agenda and electoral transparency.

Amilcar Brunazo - Engineer

A specialist in data security and electronic voting, he has worked in the field for over 20 years and is recognized as one of the leading authorities on the subject, having provided numerous consultations to Congress, technical expertise, among others. He is a member of CMIND and participated in the only independent electoral audit ever conducted in Brazil.

Dr. Augusto Zimmermann - Jurist

A world-renowned law holder, he resides in Australia, where he teaches at universities and was elected one of the twelve most important lawyers in the country. He always comes to Brazil to speak and is a member of the Federalist Institute.

Dr. Hugo César Hoechl - Professor, Entrepreneur

PHD in Applied Intelligence and postdoctoral in Electronic Government. He was a prosecutor, federal prosecutor and is an authority on the application of Benford's Law, a mathematical study of worldwide use, capable of identifying electoral inconsistencies.

Felipe Gimenez - Procurador MS

Dr. Felipe Gimenez - Attorney

Lawyer and Attorney of the State of Mato Grosso do Sul, he is known nationally for his outstanding defense to the right of public electoral scrutiny, participating in wide debates in Congress, in the press and in events related to the subject.

Thomas Korontai - Businessman

Founder of the Movement and the Federalist Institute. He is the author of the essay of a new Brazilian constitution (1994). Coord. National Coalition Convergences. Writer, speaker and columnist. He has been recognized for his defense of electoral transparency.

Dr. Ivomar Schuler - Administrator

Specialist in regional management and development, self-taught in philosophy, speaker, columnist and Vice President of the Federalist Institute.

Dr. Rose Kalluf - Journalist, lawyer

Journalist affiliated with Fenaj and the International Federation of Journalism. She is also a lawyer with a postgraduate degree in Political Science. In PR he worked as a journalist for the Legislative Assembly for 15 years, in addition to presiding over the state's Union of Lawyers.

Dr. Maurício dos S. Pereira - Lawyer

Director of UNAB - Union of Lawyers of Brazil and Instituto Inovação Social. Prof. Consumer Law, with several postgraduate degrees, in addition to certifications in Environmental Law and Public Management.

And we are also the extension of intrepid combatants, who still in the 90s,
they started to alert new generations about the electoral setback in Brazil.

Agradecimento em nome de milhões

Special thanks to Prof. Pedro Rezende, for his countless studies, interviews, published articles and tireless presence bringing light to the Congress - now retired. Dr. Maria Cortiz, the lucid and unwavering voice denouncing fraud, suspicious programs and insecurities throughout Brazil - now residing in Portugal. Dr. Diego Aranha, genuine legacy of his teacher Pedro Rezende - now living in Denmark. Amilcar Brunazo, a giant in the conquest and sum of forces, continuously active by all of us. We thank all the valiant long journey, which added a voice to the arduous challenge for the freedom of (un) secure voting. It would be impossible to name everyone here.

Last and not least, we also thank the parliamentarians who acted and still act aggressively to regain the lost transparency. To 424 federal deputies and senators who guaranteed the Printed Voting Law in 2015 and had their prerogatives and our representativeness invaded, disrespected - for the third time since 2002.
Let them look for a way to materialize the last word! After all, who, if not elected powers, represent the legitimate expression of popular sovereignty? How long will a mere electoral service never elected - and which should only serve - surpass the will of millions?

Pela Transparência Eleitoral

We are many, we are millions of citizens, of all colors, classes and regions of Brazil.

More about Electoral Transparency

Our space aims to express opinions and scientific studies of specialists in electronic voting, in addition to the vision of personalities from the legal world, journalists and parliamentarians, engaged in recovering Brazilian electoral transparency.

Everyone understands that the security of the vote was lost more than 20 years ago, since citizenship was removed from the conference of the vote and inspection of the counting, to be replaced by strange hands that control the bytes - protected by invisibility.

For this reason, in times of attacks on FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION under the nebulous pretext of hunting Fake News - when facts are distorted or public opinion criminalized -, we must highlight our exclusive commitment to truth, through reliable facts and reliable sources. And an indisputable fact is: “Elections are the only event on the planet, where there can be no doubts and insecurity, only certainties and confidence”.

Unfortunately, with the voter being held hostage by obscure 1st generation electronic ballot boxes, which infringe Principle Constitutional of Advertising and prevent independent audits, is not what we have seen in Brazil for a long time. It is not by chance that mistrust is widespread, as solid and unquestionable research shows:  92% of Brazilians do not trust electronic voting machines and most don't trust the  counting of votes.

As our focus is on transparency and electoral security, the mission is to see the country realign its voting process with the democracies of the world, which give control to the legitimate protagonists (voters / parties) and full confidence in the UNIVERSAL SUFFRAGE - democratic principle famous, but that also has important stages suppressed to the Brazilians. Understand why on here.  

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